Positive Mom Connection

Connecting with Other Positive Moms for Encouragement and Support

How to Start a Positive Mom Connection

Has the Lord been prompting you to reach out to your fellow moms? Perhaps they are co-workers, neighbors or friends and start a book study or Bible study? Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Seek the Lord’s direction through prayer asking Him to help and guide you.
  2. Find someone who is willing to commit and serve with you as you start the study.
  3. Prayerfully choose the book or curriculum you want to study. Consider the amount of homework and the format that best fits your group. Many moms have had great success with group studies based on The Power of a Positive Mom.
  4. Think thoughtfully about the best way to extend the invitation to other moms who may be your neighbors, co-workers or friends. Create an appealing invitation or an evite and distribute it 2-3 weeks before the study begins.
  5. Make a plan for child care. Some moms hire a baby sitter to watch the kids at one home, while they do Bible study at another home. Or you may want to consider having a your study while the kids are in pre-school or MDO programs.
  6. Keep in mind that you will have women with varied backgrounds of Biblical knowledge. Be sensitive and considerate of everyone’s comfort level. Take a look at the Teacher Tips for more help in leading a group.

If you are studying one of Karol’s books as a group study, we invite you to connect with others across the nation. We would like to offer you teacher tips and a point of connection to help you as you encourage moms in your community.

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